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<title>Replica Longines watches — the DolceVita Ms. watch L5. [3450 ] — $210.00 : replica watches online stores, replicawatchestore.me</title>
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<meta name=»description» content=»replica watches online stores Replica Longines watches — the DolceVita Ms. watch L5. [3450 ] — SeriesDolceVita Style Female form Movement Quartz Movement Model — Case Stainless steel Size — Thickness 5mm Crown General Bottom of the table Ordinary Table mirror Copy Sapphire crystal glass Dial Pink mother of pearl Watchband Steel chain belt Strap Color Silver Clasp Butterfly buckle Waterproof 30 meters (about 100 feet) Package Beautifully packaged box Function — Launch of Year — 【Brand story]Longines Longines watches Soavi Mia, Switzerland (Saint-Imier) its inception in 1832, repeatedly breakthrough in the global watchmaking technology disdain counterparts, yet reflect its elegant » />
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    Replica Longines watches — the DolceVita Ms. watch L5.

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    <div style=»font-weight:bold; padding-bottom:10px; font-size:14px;»>Replica Longines watches — the DolceVita Ms. watch L5.</div>

    <span id=»productPrices» class=»productGeneral»>
    <span class=»normalprice»>$704.00 </span> <span class=»productSpecialPrice»>$210.00</span><span class=»productPriceDiscount»><br />Save: 70% off</span></span>

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    <div id=»productDescription» class=»productGeneral biggerText»>
    <dl><dt>Style</dt><dd title=»»>
    Female form</dd></dl>
    <dl><dt>Movement</dt><dd title=»»>
    <dl><dt>Movement Model</dt><dd>

    <dl><dt>Case</dt><dd title=»»>
    Stainless steel</dd></dl>

    <dl><dt>Thickness</dt><dd title=»5mm»>
    <dl><dt>Crown</dt><dd title=»»>
    <dl><dt>Bottom of the table</dt><dd title=»»>
    <dl><dt>Table mirror</dt><dd title=»»>
    Copy Sapphire crystal glass</dd></dl>
    <dl><dt>Dial</dt><dd title=»»>
    Pink mother of pearl</dd></dl>
    <dl><dt>Watchband</dt><dd title=»»>
    Steel chain belt</dd></dl>
    <dl><dt>Strap Color</dt><dd title=»»>
    <dl><dt>Clasp</dt><dd title=»»>
    Butterfly buckle</dd></dl>
    <dl><dt>Waterproof</dt><dd title=»30100″>
    30 meters (about 100 feet)</dd></dl>
    <dl><dt>Package</dt><dd title=»»>
    Beautifully packaged box</dd></dl>

    <dl><dt>Launch of Year</dt><dd>

    <p>【Brand story]</p><p>Longines Longines watches Soavi Mia, Switzerland (Saint-Imier) its inception in 1832, repeatedly breakthrough in the global watchmaking technology disdain counterparts, yet reflect its elegant style. Longines watches in the World Games in 1912 to create a historic moment — the first use of the break away from the start and termination of the timing device at the beginning and end of the playing field, respectively. Longines watches since become the official timer of the formulation of a number of international competitions, including several winter and summer Olympic Games. Longines watches and aviation and maritime history took over deep bond. For example, Longines watches for the flight home and even pull (Lindbergh) for the first time the personal calculate the time of flight across the Atlantic, period, manufactured in accordance with the design of even pulling Hour angle navigation watch.</p><p>Today, Longines watches often walk in the forefront of technological development, declared in 1905, produced its first watch in 1960 to create the world’s thinnest electromagnetic watch, in 1969, developed the world’s first electronic magnetic quartz watch — the Longines Ultra -Quartz Ultra-quartz watch. The following year, in (St.Moritz) held the World Downhill chemical (Downhill Skiing Workd cup) game, Longines watches first digital signal dispensers will be time directly to the electronic transmission shown in the world on the TV screen . 1979, in cooperation with other world famous watch brand Longines watches, watch developed the «Feuille d’Or», to become the world’s thinnest quartz watch, launched in 1984, the famous Conquest watch, equipped with highly precise movements ( Very High Precision).</p><p>Longines Collection: Fashion design inspiration from a 1925 watch, Longines Longines Collection was launched in 2003, successfully show Longines unique vision of fashion design.</p><p>Longines Lango Series: The Longines was launched in 2004, «Lango» series is filled with pains country style. The design, inspired by the Mediterranean neighboring resort, both in appearance and function, it also reveals the intoxicating feelings.</p><p>Longines Master Collection: Longines Master Collection, launched in 2005, is the brand to years accumulation exquisite masterpiece of technology and experience refining witness to exceed two centuries of watchmaking achievements. Watch this series has a number of excellent functions · plus careful pondering, teaching watch enthusiasts.</p><p>Elegant Longines ambassador: 2005 American film stars Harry Connick, Jr. and Chinese pop stars Aaron Kwok joined a Longines extended family, together with the Indian actress Carina Lau, AiShWarya Rai · China and Russian Oleg MgnShikOV, elegant Longines ambassador to a different style in advertising interpretation Longines elegant attitude · really my personality.</p></div>

    <br class=»clearBoth» />

    <div id=»img_bg» align=»center»>

    <p style=’text-align:center;’>/watches_family2_/Female-form/Longines-watches-the-DolceVita-Ms-watch-L5-155-4.jpg</p><p style=’text-align:center;’>/watches_family2_/Female-form/Longines-watches-the-DolceVita-Ms-watch-L5-155-4-1.jpg</p><p style=’text-align:center;’>/watches_family2_/Female-form/Longines-watches-the-DolceVita-Ms-watch-L5-155-4-2.jpg</p><p style=’text-align:center;’>/watches_family2_/Female-form/Longines-watches-the-DolceVita-Ms-watch-L5-155-4-3.jpg</p>

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  • Model: 3450 
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